Tuesday, September 19, 2017

54 Fall Craft Ideas from Shutterfly

DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

Have you already started your fall crafting? If you're anything like me, you're determined to squeeze the last bit of summer out of September before succumbing to the hysterics of FALL! ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! SWEATER WEATHER! Or, if you happen to be one of those people who are already sipping pumpkin lattes and dusting off your tall boots, you may be ready to take a look at this list of 54 Fall Craft Ideas from Shutterfly. Even I must admit that there are some seriously cute fall and Halloween crafts listed that are making it hard to resist the change of season.

Besides, if you take a peek at the compiled crafts, you might just find a tried and true favorite from yours truly.

Happy fall crafting, DIY'ers!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pottery Class at Beechmont Community Center

Pottery Class Louisville

Remember Valentine's Day three months ago? Yeah, well, my husband gave me the most perfect gift for the occasion: He signed us up to take pottery classes together. Six whole weeks of a planned out date-day, and I was in love. With my thoughtful husband, of course, but I also found a new love in pottery. But man, is she a tough love. In fact, I'm not even really sure if pottery loves me back, but I'm not ready to quit on her just yet.

Pottery Class Louisville

I'm wrapping up the beginner's course for the 2nd time and feeling amazingly more confident in my skills. For me, the learning curve was a lot greater than I anticipated it being. I'd assumed that because I'm comfortable creating with my hands that I would have taken to the pottery wheel a lot quicker than I have. I'm getting there, and I've turned out a few pieces that I'm really happy with.

If you're in Louisville and are interested in taking a pottery class, Beechmont Community Center will again offer beginner and advance classes in the fall. They also provide an open studio space for a very small, reasonable monthly fee.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Super Bowl Party with Ross Dress for Less

Super Bowl Party

I asked my husband what he would like to have at his Super Bowl party, and he promptly replied with, Beer.  Ok.  What else?  Food that goes with beer.  Ok.  Anything fun and cute?  *blank stare*

So, when Ross Dress for Less asked if I would like to shop for my Super Bowl party at their store, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for me to deviate a little from my typical cutesy parties and put on something a little more…manly.

Super Bowl Party

I had a mission to look for party set-up pieces in woods and darker tones.  Ross did not disappoint.  The first thing I found were the fun nesting crates with yellow chevron.  I hesitated since yellow wasn’t one of the Super Bowl team colors this year, but they are versatile enough that they don’t distract from the theme.  I used those crates as my main inspiration and added the other pieces from there. 

The chalkboard is a really cool shutter turned on its side.  I found it hidden behind some wall décor and it fit into my theme so perfectly that I felt like I found a hidden gem!

 Super Bowl Party

Ross has a great selection of beer mugs, pilsner glasses and pint glasses.  I chose the handled mason jars because they came with lids and I knew I would use them again.  When looking for party pieces, I try to shop wise and purchase items that I can put to use around my house or for future parties.

Super Bowl Party

My absolute favorite find was the wooden six-pack carrier.  Absolutely perfect for this party!  Also, the galvanized bucket was great for keeping extra drinks cold.

For food, I served a big pot of Cincinnati-style chili and a hot dog bar.  Chili is always a Super Bowl crowd pleaser. 

Super Bowl PartySuper Bowl PartySuper Bowl Party

For party snacks I found a few of my husbands favorites in the gourmet food aisle: hot and spicy snack mix, wasabi peas, and toffee popcorn.  The selection was great and it was hard to not go overboard picking out snacks and sweets.

Super Bowl PartySuper Bowl Party

I loved that this party came together without the need to add a lot of extra DIY touches.  Finding perfect décor pieces and yummy snacks at Ross Dress for Less meant that I had to prep very little to put this party together.  This easy party set-up is great for those who are busy but still want to impress their guests with great party style.

What are your plans for the Super Bowl this year?  Any favorite party food recipes you’d like to share in the comments sections?  I’d love to check out your blogs!


**A gift card was provided by Ross Dress for Less to share my shopping experience.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ultimate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

I have practically lived on peanut butter and banana smoothies this summer.  No exaggeration whatsoever here, people.  This smoothie has been my lunch more days than I should admit.  So easy to whip up, you should totally make one today.

Ultimate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

1/2-cup Almond Milk

1/2-cup Plain Yogurt

1 Frozen Banana

2-Tablespoons BP2 (or creamy peanut butter)

5-ish or so Ice Cubes (optional)

1-Tablespoon Honey (optional)

Blend.  Drink.  Enjoy.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

What are your favorite smoothie recipes?  I’m always eager to try new ones!

Happy smoothie whipping, DIY’ers!